• Miniature size 800V 75A drive

Gal  provides a ONE STOP SHOP for motion control solutions

From the early stages of design to the entire project development life cycle.

Turnkey Motion System Design

Our prime business is full turn-key solution of tailor-made motion systems includes servo drives hardware and firmware, with wide range of power, voltage and currents and the required algorithm.

We will interface to any standard feedback device

We also embed in the design the required system I/O, safety features etc. required for the product.

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Motion System Integration

For systems that developing a drive is not required we provide integration of off-the-shelf motion products.

We are experienced in working with products from Servotronix, ACS, TechnoSoft, Elmo and more.

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Motion System Consultancy

Start designing machine which includes motion and look for the architecture in terms of cost, accuracy, settling time etc. Or you do not get from the machine the performance let us help you with our large experience and knowledge in motion.

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Gal Customized Motion Systems, established on 2010 by Gal Lior, is focused on engineer to engineer connection in order to provide solution for every motion system.

Gal Customized Motion Systems has a lot of experience in motion systems designs in various fields (industrial, military, agriculture, medical and more)

In Gal Customized Motion Systems we understand that motion system is not the end product, but a core part of it, and that in some systems the motion electronic and firmware could serve as the whole system control, and therefore we do not limit our-self for motion only

The entire technology was developed by Gal Customized Motion Systems so there are no black boxes and every part of the design could be adapted, hardware, firmware or algorithm, according to the specific project needs.

Gal Customized Motion Systems is always looking forward for the next challenging project.