Military Robotics

Project Description:

General Robotics develops innovative military robotics using state-of-the-art electronics

As part of the development team we could make together the leap from using amateur kind motion control, used for technology demonstration, to high end motion systems.



  • System Architecture
  • Motion consultantcy
  • Electronic design
  • Firmware development
  • Integration
  • Sales support

Technology Highlights:

  • Low cost, military grade 2 axes servo drives
  • In drive motion synchronization between axes (without using external master)
  • ┬áPedestal pan & tilt stabilzation using low cost MEMS
  • Various┬ásafety issues

General Robotics DOGO
General Robotics DOGO
General Robotics Pitbull
General Robotics Pitbull
DOGO Drive_V2