Project Description:

AgroSolar develops high efficiency, solar powered, in well water pump for agriculture.

In order to achieve high efficiency, a special piston based, "double act" pump, powered by BLDC motor and the required electronic was developed.


  • System Architecture
  • Electronic design
  • Firmware development
  • Integration

Technology Highlights:

  • Up-to 400V/30A continues servo drive
  • Up-to 800V/75A continues servo drive
  • Cascaded position velocity and current loops  on hall effect sensors
  • Jerk control over halls only
  • 100 meters submersible
  • Innovative application specific MPPT algorithm development
  • PLC (Power Line Communication)
  • Active regeneration control triggered by MPPT algorithm
  • Very low cost design
  • DFM - Design for Manufacturing

Mechanical design by

400V/30A cont. Drive
400V/30A cont. Drive
Miniature size 800V 75A drive
Miniature size 800V 75A drive