Full AgroSolar Recommendation Letter

We are very pleased with the results achieved to date for the following
• Gal used a development methodology that forced us to clearly
define our requirements so that the system performance could be easily evaluated at
the end of the project
• Numerous design reviews (PDR, CDR and DDR) were held with clear summaries of
the decision made
• Gal was a single person design house delivering schematics, layouts, mechanical and
control software that worked interactively and in harmony
• Gal debugged his module together with the system integrator and provided continuing
development support to the mechanical and integration group
• Gal travelled to India to personally work on the system in a real world application in
wells of 20-50 meters deep
• Gal also introduced to us resources to complement his skills and to ease the
integration work (mechanical and PC SW)
• Gal also spent numerous hours training our engineers and technicians to work and use
the system so we are not dependent on him at all times

Dr. Arnon Gat, CEO

Arnon Gat


We were on the stage of developing a standalone prototype out of our laboratory demonstration system when Gal started to work with us. He immediately proved himself valuable providing both hardware and software solutions. With Gal, we developed advanced motion control using voice coil and various high accuracy sensors. This involves power electronics integrated with noise sensitive sensing. Handling large number interfaces including sensors and output signals simultaneously.

Gal was also responsible for translating complex Matlab algorithms into real-time C code running on medium range DSP.

Gal was never afraid to learn new technologies, even out of his exact expertise eventually became an expert on each. No challenge remained unhandled until solved to our satisfaction.

Gal was always responsive to the rapid race of start-up development process, which often require taking sharp turns and giving it all to the goal.

Above all that, and most important to my view, Gal keeps great work atmosphere and team spirit - He practically became one of our team.


Ran Gabai, Ph.D

CTO, PreCim LTD.



Memic is developing a surgical robotic system. We started working with Gal back when all we had is a sketch on a piece of paper. Since then Gal is an integral part of our development team. Gal helps us in architectural considerations, detailed design, manufacturing, and integration. Being an early stage startup it is essential to us to work with dynamic people who can improvised whenever needed. Gal always delivered and sometimes at some very unorthodox hours. In addition, it is simply fun to work with him

Yaron Levinson, Ph.D.


Memic Innovative Surgery



General Robotics

We are working with Gal Lior more than 4 years developing military and defense robotics systems.

Together with Gal and his team we were able to make the development leap from technology demonstration to mass production.

Gal is part of an engineering team includes mechanical, firmware, GUI and electronics engineers. He knows how to close the gap between his development and the other group members when building multidisciplinary products.

He shows a deep understanding of our products needs and works together with our engineers as a combat team solving and overcome any technological challenges.

Gal has impressive technological background and deep understanding of electronics and electronic motion control, and together with his good character we had a very good partner for developing our systems.

I strongly recommend Gal Lior and his services for any demanding motion control tasks.

Mr. Ehud Gal

General Robotics Founder & CEO


Velox Digital

Velox started to work with Gal Lior when we were a small startup company developing our first printing device.

We've worked step by step in creating a very sophisticated control solution to enable a reliable high accuracy motion for our industrial printer. Gal has proved to be a dedicated member in our development group, providing us with the highest standards of knowhow and tailor made motion solutions while meeting all the technical requirements as well as cost and time to market.

Gal, was very responsive for the changes requirements evolutions of the 1st product.

Hence then Velox is engaged with Gal in additional revolutionary solutions that will add our printers value.

We look forward to many more years of mutual work.

Marian Cofler  |  CEO & Co-Founder

Velox Digital